Smart Growth

Dodson & Flinker helped initiate the Smart Growth movement in the mid-1980’s with books such as Dealing with Change in the Connecticut Valley and Rural by Design. For more than twenty years, the firm’s work in both rural areas and in cities such as Chicago, Washington, DC, New York and Houston have applied these smart growth principles in successfully implemented projects.

Sensitive infill of city and town centers, preservation of rural forest and farm lands, open space development, transit-oriented development and creative use of low impact development and green building techniques have been foundations of Dodson & Flinker’s work in the field. The firm specializes in visioning and communicating the benefits of smart growth to a wide and diverse audience using compelling plans, graphics and simulations.

Dodson & Flinker works with communities and non-profits to develop plans and zoning regulations incorporating smart growth principles. Manuals and guidelines describing smart growth techniques have been produced for a wide range of communities. The firm also works with private land owners and developers committed to applying smart growth principles in actual projects.

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