Visual Analysis & Scenic Landscapes

Harry Dodson completed the Massachusetts Landscape Inventory, the first state-wide assessment of landscape scenery in 1982. Since then, Dodson & Flinker’s work in this area has expanded to include developing a state-wide coastal landscape assessment process for New York State’s Coastal Management Program, and conducting visual assessments and scenic landscape protection plans for the Hudson River Valley, the southern Long Island Bays, the Town of East Hampton and the Thousand Islands. The firm has also helped complete scenic byways programs for the State of Nevada and the province of British Columbia. Preserving the visual quality of rural landscapes has long been a central focus of the firm and has been a foundation of publications such as Dealing with Change in the Connecticut River Valley and Rural by Design. Harry Dodson has also served as an expert witness on aesthetics in numerous administrative court and environmental board hearings in Vermont and New York State.

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