Scenic Resources Analysis

Scenic beauty is a vital national resource. Dodson & Flinker has developed an international reputation in the evaluation and protection of scenic character using techniques that are at once sophisticated and accessible to the general public. The 1983 Massachusetts Landscape Inventory was the first comprehensive, state-wide scenic survey in the US and led to a long series of protective measures and follow-up studies. The Inventory was based on the work of the Countryside Commission of England and Scotland, as well as techniques pioneered by the US Forest Service. The Inventory led to Dealing with Change in the Connecticut Valley: A Design Manual for Conservation and Development, as well as scenic evaluation methodology for the New York State Coastal Management Program. Dodson & Flinker has completed Scenic Byways Programs for Nevada, Vermont and British Columbia. The firm recently completed and implemented a scenic landscape protection plan for East Hampton, NY and the New York South Shore Estuary Reserve. These plans make intensive use of Geographic Information Systems, aerial photogrammetry, aerial oblique photography as well as land and water based reconnaissance.