Dodson & Flinker plan and design water related landscapes at both the community (waterfront) and the regional (watershed) scales. In Houston, Texas, Dodson & Flinker completed the Buffalo Bayou Masterplan, a vision for the restoration of a polluted river into a greenway running for ten miles through the core of the city. Urban design guidelines for new development along the riverfront park incorporating green technologies were a key part of the proposal. A greatly expanded riverfront parks system, a new recreational boating program, flood control measures and waterfront access and pedestrian enhancements were key parts of the plan. Early waterfront projects include an award-winning proposal for the restoration of Boston’s Spectacle Island using fill from the Harbor Tunnel project which was recently implemented. Another award-winning proposal by Harry Dodson and Bob Yaro, Boston’s “Sapphire Necklace” is an integral part of the Boston Harbor Islands’ nationally-recognized revitalization. The project features the environmental restoration of sensitive estuarine habitats in combination with the expansion of recreational amenities. Dodson & Flinker’s river corridor and greenway restoration work includes successful plans for the Severn River in Maryland and award-winning plans for managing growth along Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Working with The Nature Conservancy, Dodson & Flinker developed plans and a public/private constituency for protecting coastal resources and managing growth in the Virginia Coast Reserve on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

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