Wright-Locke Farm: Part II

March 28, 2013

In 2007, the last pre-revolutionary farm in the inner Boston suburbs was about to be turned into a 300-unit apartment complex when the Town of Winchester stepped in, acquired the property and hired Dodson & Flinker and a team of consultants to develop an alternative strategy for the historic site. At that time, Dodson & Flinker prepared conceptual site plans showing various alternatives for developing portions of the property, saving the historic, scenic and environmentally sensitive core of the site. Dodson & Flinker also assisted the town in preparing requests for proposals and in conducting public meetings and hearings on the project. The town interviewed developers to complete the redesigned project, but the recession took hold before the project got off the ground.

This winter the town re-engaged Dodson & Flinker to futher analyze development scenarios relative to the potential visual and environmental impacts on this sensitive site.  Dodson & Flinker worked with a development consultant and the town to balance the number and size of proposed units with preservation of the unique historic, scenic and environmentally sensitive features of the site. Our work included scenario plans with analysis of unit numbers, sizes and market prices, 3D modeling of potential visual impacts and precedent studies. Harry Dodson presented recommendations to the town at Select Board and Public meetings on March 25th, 2013. The town is currently deciding on next steps.

Excerpts of the Public Meeting shown at right. Download the full presentation on the Town of Winchester website’s project page.

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