Final Livability Plan for Turners Falls Submitted

Dodson & Flinker, along with Howard/Stein-Hudson Associates, worked hand in hand with residents and village planners of Turners Falls to prepare the final report, Downtown Turners Falls Livability Plan. The plan includes a comprehensive analysis and assessment of current conditions, as well as a vision plan, design recommendations, block-specific revitalization strategies, and recommendations based on socioeconomic challenges and potential.

A total of 11 goals were identified, including enhanced connectivity for pedestrians and bicyclists, expanded downtown events and activities, business development and support of existing businesses, and many others. An action plan for each goal offers concrete steps, timeframes, and potential resources for specific projects and programs. The report offers dozens of illustrations and images to help stakeholders visualize the recommendations for a village transformed, block by block.

Image credits:

Street-level illustration: Dietz & Company Architects

All other images: Dodson & Flinker