Dodson & Flinker served as landscape architect on a team headed by Goody Clancyto create Miami’s first comprehensive, long-term plan for parks and public spaces. An extensive public process included workshops in each of the city’s diverse neighborhoods. GIS mapping was used to identify underserved areas and ensure equitable access to park resources. The city embraced the plan enthusiastically. In the 18 months following its completion, Miami opened five new parks and recreation spaces, hired its first landscape architect to help manage the park system, added nearly 30 park rangers and district managers, increased tree planting, streamlined the special-events permitting process, and began designing three more parks and recreation facilities.

A key aspect of the plan was to look at the current inventory of parks and recreation sites as an interconnected system rather than a series of separate facilities. Gaps in service, access and connectivity were identified, providing the basis for design of a comprehensive network of parks, plazas, greenways, and “green streets” woven into the fabric of the city. This network will allow every resident to walk to a neighborhood park or playground, as well as to safely walk or ride a bicycle to explore a city-wide system of parks and greenways.