Dodson & Flinker worked with the town of Upton, MA on a revitalization plan for its town center. Upton’s center has served as its cultural and community hub since the town was settled in 1728, and is home to a historic Town Common and numerous historic buildings, including two listed on the National Historic Register. Like many small-town New England town centers, however, Upton Center has had to redefine its role in the community as long-term economic, transportation, and social trends have shifted activity towards commuter roads and regional shopping centers. The D&F team facilitated a series of Working Group meetings and a public visioning workshop to engage the community in shared fact-finding and idea generation. The process addressed design issues such as parking, pedestrian and vehicular circulation, as well as strategies for developing the local economy and creating vibrant community spaces. Dodson & Flinker is also working on a site design for a new library and community center, which will also be located in the town center.