Widely acknowledged for its rich history and scenic character, the Old Saratoga on the Hudson region of New York is also one of the fastest growing in the State. Beautiful farmland, breathtaking views and critical cultural sites are being compromised at a rapid rate. The Revolutionary War history of the region is distinguished by the protection of the Saratoga National Battlefield Park but much of the surrounding contextual landscape is under threat. The identification and assessment of significant historic resources related to the battles, seige and surrender at Saratoga, as well as critical scenic resources, is the first step in their long-term preservation and protection.  It is critical to recognize the role that the landscape character plays in the economic sustainability of the Old Saratoga on the Hudson region. Historic landscape identification and protection is key to any plan for sustainable development in this area. In the initial preservation planning phase, Dodson & Flinker  provided the foundation for a comprehensive historic and scenic resource preservation planning strategy. This included an in-depth inventory and assessment process, mapping and visual analysis using Geographic Information System technology and a public participation process. Through this approach, priority historic resources were identified and an analysis was prepared that provided the basis for the creation of a community-based Preservation Plan for the ultimate protection of the unique and culturally important scenic and historic resources of the region.