Dodson & Flinker served as expert witness for the Adirondack Council in an Adirondack Park Agency review of the proposed Adirondack Club and Resort development in Tupper Lake. The Adirondack Club and Resort proposed development consisted of 650 units of mixed use development on 6,000 acres of largely undeveloped privately owned land within the jurisdiction of the Adirondack Park Agency. The Adirondack Council, a consortium of environmental and land conservation groups in the Adirondack Park, was concerned about the impacts of the proposed development. Dodson & Flinker analyzed the visual impacts of the development and prepared alternative development plans that located the proposed development on just 720 acres at the base of the existing Big Tupper ski area. The Dodson & Flinker plan contained the same amount and type of development as the Adirondack Club plan but organized it in a compact, walkable community instead of large lots covering most of the 6,000 acres. The Adirondack Park Agency ultimately permitted the Adirondack Club plan to proceed with modifications based on the review process.