Dodson & Flinker developed a conservation and limited development plan for the agricultural landscape surrounding the historic village of Waterford, a designated National Historic Landmark. The plan was prepared for the Waterford Foundation, a local non profit historic preservation group. Realizing that future development in the area could not be stopped outright, the Foundation requested a plan to help them control the location and quality of future development surrounding the historic village in order to minimize future impacts on Waterford’s scenic and historic character. The Dodson & Flinker/Landethics plan locates specific locations for future development based on the existing rural patterns of the area and on the preservation of existing views from the historic village. The Foundation plans to implement the recommended plan by negotiating rights of first refusal with existing landowners, purchasing and reselling threatened properties with deed restrictions, engaging in cooperative ventures with cooperative developers and becoming an active participant in the county’s development review process. This detail of the plan shows recommended conservation and development strategies for a large property in the northern part of the Historic Landmark.