The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources’ Farm Viability Program provides professional and financial assistance to farmers, supporting the improvement and economic viability of agricultural land throughout the state. Dodson & Flinker has been a consultant with the Program since 2004, addressing the landscape needs of more than 10 farms in Central and Western Massachusetts. From dairy farms and equestrian facilities to vegetable farms and sugar bushes, Dodson & Flinker has sited new farmstands and barns, designed and upgraded parking and pedestrian circulation, created planting plans and preserved views on and into these sites.

Each project begins with a site visit and conversation with the farmer to determine their needs and concerns, along with the needs of the visiting public. Site photos, environmental constraints and other individual site factors are considered to create an analysis of the landscape and then design options are created. After further consultation with the farmer, the final product consists of a recommendation narrative, cost estimates and final design options, often phased over time in consideration of the farmer’s budget.