Like hundreds of mill villages throughout New England, Turners Falls has struggled over the last fifty years with the decline of traditional industries. Yet Turners Falls has emerged with many of its historic resources intact and with a community of people dedicated to the long-term economic revitalization of the downtown.

Dodson & Flinker led a consulting team in collaborative process between the Town of Montague, local residents, property and business owners, as well as local and regional planning and service agencies to create a plan that can serve as a blueprint for future development of a more livable, walkable, and thriving downtown.

The resulting Downtown Turners Falls Livability Plan is illustrated with maps, photographs, diagrams and sketches that showcase the community’s vision. It includes an extensive analysis of existing opportunities and challenges, recommendations for streetscape improvements, and the prioritization of projects and policy changes to reduce vacancies, develop key properties, and foster a unique sense of place. The Plan concludes with a detailed action plan that builds on recent Town planning efforts and meets the top goals of Franklin County’s Regional Plan for Sustainable Development.

The Downtown Turners Falls Livability Plan was awarded Planning Award from the American Planning Association – Massachusetts Chapter (APA-MA) in December 2013.