Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

As landscape architects and planners, Dodson & Flinker has long used maps and spatial analysis for local and regional planning. For ten years, Dodson & Flinker has been taking advantage of the increasing availability of GIS data, quickly preparing detailed maps and analyses for virtually any location. This allows more time to be spent in analyzing the data, exploring alternative future scenarios and helping the public visualize complex information. 

Dodson & Flinker provides GIS services to towns, non-profit conservation groups, land trusts, and planning consultants for a wide variety of projects, from scenic analysis to traditional comprehensive planning. The power of GIS is invaluable in organizing complex material in multiple layers, which can be overlaid to understand relationships, solve problems, and explore design ideas. In addition to creating traditional paper maps and reports, Dodson & Flinker can export GIS maps and visualizations to digital files for client use and distribution, and make slideshow presentations to your audience.

GIS is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for public participation. GIS maps convey complex information visually, so that the public can better understand both existing conditions and proposals for future conservation and development. In addition, Dodson & Flinker is a leader in exploring the use of three-dimensional GIS visualization tools that combine the accuracy of traditional maps with the accessibility of a visual perspective. These allow the complex relationship between the physical form of the landscape and features such as wetlands, streams and vegetation to be seen clearly. In addition to helping people understand the existing landscape, the three-dimensional tools can be used to illustrate planning proposals and design alternatives from a unique perspective.