Smart growth planning concepts are translated into reality through construction of individual projects, site by site. Dodson & Flinker plays an active role in the process by designing detailed projects that translate large scale planning concepts into built projects. Dodson & Flinker offers a full range of site design services including site planning, schematic design, construction documents, specifications and construction observation. From initial design concepts through to working drawings, bidding and construction, Dodson & Flinker focuses on quality design, technical excellence, cost effectiveness and attention to detail. We take pleasure and pride in translating a strong, overall design concept into details that are well-crafted, efficient and make use of the newest research and materials without becoming overdone or distracting. Low impact development techniques, sustainability, best management practices for stormwater runoff and other green techniques are incorporated into the design process. Respect for local settlement patterns, building siting and landscapes are also integral to translating compelling overall design concepts into details that are pleasing, safe, last well and help to heal our environment. Dodson & Flinker site design projects range from new residential communities to many schools, parks, resorts, residences and commercial complexes.